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Let’s Explore the City!

Who says a class needs to be in a classroom? NOT US! Photography is such a hands-on skill that learning in a classroom would be akin to learning to drive a manual car in a classroom (and that would would be disastrous!)! Here at Learn Photography Canada we hold all of our classes in fantastic locations around Calgary. We believe that the best way to teach you photography is to take you to a place where you can try the skills for yourself. Our locations are interesting, varied, and give you practice in REAL WORLD situations. You’re not going to pull your camera out in a classroom, but you will if you’re in a museum, or a zoo, or exploring a new city.

Unleash your creativity and do it in a supportive and interactive environment with our small class sizes and amazing instructors. Learn more about our course locations below!

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Where are our Courses Held?

Class Location Downtown Calgary

Digital I Photography in Summertime (April – October):

Our hands-on Digital I course is held in Downtown Calgary during the summer months. Starting at Eau Claire and heading around Princes Island Park this route is full of flowers, streams and cityscapes. It makes for an amazing day out. Become a tourist in YOUR city!

Class Location Heritage Park

Digital I Photography in Winter (October – April):

Our Digital I course moves indoors to Heritage Park during the winter. Gasoline Ally is full of awesome old cars, gasoline pumps and planes! It’s incredibly beautiful, interesting, and a great (and warm!) place to spend a day.

Class Location Canmore

Digital I Photography in Canmore:

Our Digital I Photography Course in Canmore takes place in both Downtown Canmore (near the epic Canmore Engine Bridge) or at the Canmore Nordic Centre (in winter – so we have some warmth!). Both locations provide plenty of incredible mountain views. So consider taking your Digital I experience to the mountains!

Class Location Calgary Zoo

Digital II Photography: 

Our Digital II course takes place at the world-class Calgary Zoo. This location is fantastic as it provides many different lighting and compositional situations – not to mention animals! It’s a great mix of indoor and outdoor settings so you’ll stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Don’t forget – we also cover admission!!

Class Location Downtown Calgary Night

Night Photography:

Our Night Photography course takes place in Downtown Calgary in and around Chinatown! It’s a walking tour that takes you past some of Calgary’s iconic sites – the “Head” at the Bow Building or the Peace Bridge, you’re sure to end up with some incredible photos.

People Photography:

Our People Photography course takes place at either Heritage Park or Fish Creek Park. From indoors during the winter, to outdoors in the summer, we know that your next people photo-shoot will be as varied as our courses can teach!

Lightroom Photo-Editing:

Our Lightroom Photo-Editing course takes place at the ActionEdge Business Coaching Offices in Capitol Hill. These offices are equipped with a gorgeous, bright and sunny board room as well as a plentiful supply of coffee. Quite delicious for a day of editing.

Class Location Banff

Digital III – Landscapes & Travel:

Our Digital III course (an Advanced course) takes place in and around Banff! We visit epic locations that provide a mix of amazing views, beautiful lakes and mountains! Mountains mountains mountains!


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