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Social media has become the back-bone of a company’s public face. Arguably more important than a shop-front, what you are posting on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is the first impression your customers have of your company. So make it count!

Your options…

Have yourself or a staff member take the photos you need with your current skills and risk having images that will severely harm your image and efforts.


Get your images from google images and suffer from impersonal stock imagery that says nothing about your company AND run the risk of being fined or sued by the image rights holder.


Get all your images from a LEGIT photo repository and spend a fortune on images that are used EVERYWHERE and not very personable to your company.


Hire a professional photographer to come in every time it’d be nice to have a great photo to use in literature, marketing material, or web content and pay $500+ for every visit.


Put yourself or a team member through our course and have photos to be proud of, on demand, all of the time, without restrictions.


A picture is truly worth a thousand words, and there is no better way to communicate your product, brand and experience than through a series of beautiful, captivating photographs. Don’t wait for your once-off professional photo-shoot. We can train you and your staff to take beautiful photographs every day. Build your own database of experiential photos that you can use on your website, promotional items, social media sites etc.

A few hours in the company of our incredible instructors, and we can teach you and your staff how to capture the essence of your brand. We pride ourselves in having the best customer service and our products are designed to provide easy choices with maximum flexibility.

Have a look at our packages, and give us a call today to tailor a solution that fits YOUR needs.

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We can help any and all businesses!


Our in-house package is designed to offer you and your team the ultimate flexibility. Our incredible instructors will come to your office, or a location of your choice, and teach our course in-house.


In just three hours, we can have your team up-and-running with the basics. A full day course and we can have your team shooting like professionals. Never miss the moment again and ensure your entire team has the skills to capture your business in action!Concerned about coverage? We can stack 2 half-day courses back to back, teaching half of your staff at a time, to ensue that you have complete coverage of your business at all times. We can provide rental cameras so that each of your staff have a camera to use during the course.

Looking for another good reason?

Our courses are highly interactive and are a brilliant way to bring your team together. This event can serve a dual-purpose – team building & education. Fun, hands-on and exciting, our sessions are the perfect opportunity to get your team involved, and to improve team-work and communication.

Details: Minimum 3 hours, minimum 3 people

Cost: Packages start at $79 per person

Ultimate Flexibility: We work with YOU to choose your time, location, group size and any extras such as lunch, drinks or dinner.

BONUS: Your organization will receive a framed team-photo taken by our professionals for use in your office and online.


Do you have someone in mind for this job? A Marketing manager or Social Media expert? Rather than send your whole team, why not just send one person!

Our courses are designed to provide comprehensive training for photographers. Beginning with our Digital I Photography course, your staff members will have the opportunity to learn about photography from the very beginning. After just one course with us, they will have the tools and skills required to provide your organization with exceptional photography for years to come.

Want more? Our course packages combine our exceptional courses together for a comprehensive look at the world of photography. After Digital I, we have offerings of Digital II (perfecting composition), Lightroom Photo-Editing (post-processing & editing), Night Photography (not just night, but low-light photography) & People Photography (portrait perfection). These courses are held over just one day on either a Saturday or Sunday from 10am – 4pm.

Details: One day on either a Saturday or Sunday from 10am – 4pm

Corporate Rates: Start as low as $200 per person (standard is $245)

Minimum Requirements: Just one person

BONUS: Your organization receives a companion ticket for our Digital I course for half-price!

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