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Are you wanting to capture memories that can last forever, but not sure how? At Learn Photography Canada, we can help you. Whether you’re looking to try something new or have an urge to sharpen your photography skills, we have a course suitable for your needs. We offer a variety of courses designed for different experience levels: Digital I, Digital II, People, Night and Lightroom. Let us help you see the beauty in every day, live in the present and express yourself.

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Learn Photography Canada’s courses are carefully crafted to provide for your every need. Each course is held over one day and is designed to be the perfect balance of hands-on practice, information giving & continual feedback. We believe in holding our courses in incredible locations that are interesting & varied (ditch the classrooms!).

But it goes beyond our courses. We have the very best customer support, and are there at any time of day or night to answer your questions, assist with any queries and provide you with more information than you may be able to handle! We have an incredible Alumni group, and offer ongoing, FREE Alumni sessions that are open to everyone.

And did we mention we have incredible 5 star reviews? So we’re not making this up.

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We have an incredible course or package option for everyone! Our courses are perfectly timed over just one day and with our fantastic packages you can choose to have a one day experience of incredible fun, or take up a project that spans over a few months (or in some cases, years!). We also have the most hands-on photography classes in Canada and we’ve designed all our classes to be super interactive with lots and lots of practice for our photography students. Held in incredible locations, such as Heritage Park, the Calgary Zoo, and Downtown Calgary, our philosophy is that students learn best when they practice and actually take fantastic pictures! Ditch the classroom and get shooting in real world situations. Come for the photography class, stay for the amazing surroundings and leave with iconic photographs.


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It’s a 5 Star Experience

Learn Photography Canada has dozens of 5 star reviews backing up our wild claims of being the best photography course in the universe (as far as we know anyway…).

Check out what our Students are saying about us on Facebook, Google & TripAdvisor.

We’re great, and we’re not making it up.

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We hire our photography instructors based on their talents and ability to translate their photography knowledge into simple tips for our clients!  Each instructor goes through a battery of rigorous training exercises before being certified to teach our students, and represent the best of Learn Photography Canada!  The talent of Michaelangelo, the patience of a saint and the communication skills of a winning coach; our instructors can do it all.

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We are so proud of our students here at Learn Photography Canada. The difference in their photos after just one course with us are remarkable, and for those who continue their journey, the quality of their photos is framing-worthy. So do you need any more reason to join our courses and become part of our alumni? Well here are 3 more:

1. Learn more and see what YOU can achieve with our courses! Yes – these kinds of photos are within your reach.

2. Our courses are for ALL walks of life. Patty is a Marketing Relationship Manager (and Mom!), Serena is a Project Coordinator, and Kristin is now a Professional Photographer (and Mom!). We’ve also had stay-at-home moms, CEOs, chefs, engineers, accountants, kids (as young as 11!!), successful small business owners – you name it, we’ve had it (just about!). Our courses are designed to be approachable, easy to follow and understand, and most importantly FUN! You don’t want to sign up for a photography course and be bored – trust us!

3. Our courses will help you reach YOUR ambition. Are you looking to take better photos of your kids, be a weekend explorer, travel the world, become a professional photographer? Our courses will help you get there! Serena loves to travel and takes photos of nature, Patty loves taking photos of her daughter and her travels, and Kristin ended up going professional and now runs an incredibly successful photography business out of Red Deer. Let us help you reach your ambition today!

So read more about just three of our incredible students below and get ready to start your own photography journey today!

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Looking for more than just a one-day adventure? Why not package our incredible courses for ongoing fun! We have 6 core courses that are held over 6 separate days. With HOURS of photography fun coming your way why not extend your photographic learning and start on your journey to master the trade. Did we mention there are great savings to be had too? Buy 2 or more courses and save 15%!
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Have an upcoming course with us?  Check out our oh-so-very-handy tips here about how you can best prepare and what to expect.  We look forward to seeing you at our photography class soon.

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Give the gift of photography!  These electronic vouchers make a perfect gift for that special budding photographer.  Choose denominations of $25, $50, $100 or any of our photography courses or packages.

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