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Learn Photography Canada is a locally owned, family company and our mission is to make photography accessible to everyone. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to embrace their creative side and pick up a new skill. Photography is ultimately really good FUN and we would love to have the chance to show you how rewarding it can be. We are on the road to making Learn Photography Canada the first choice for photography courses in Canada. LPC is aiming to create competent and confident photographers and take the world of photography to the next level. We pride ourselves in providing interactive courses that are intensive and focus on experiential learning. We consider our courses successful if each of our students have taken hundreds of photographs of interesting topics throughout the class. Our amazing photography classes have been enjoyed by hundreds of students and we are proud to say that it is the quality of our courses that spreads through word-of-mouth and keeps our students coming back. We have incredible instructors who are both knowledgeable photographers AND wonderful teachers. Learn more about them here. Why Choose Us? Here are a few reasons, but don’t forget to check out more (including what our students are saying about us!) here.

  • Hands-On  :  Our courses are the most hands-on and interactive courses in Canada. Don’t sit in a classroom, get out there and DO IT!
  • Convenience  :  Our courses are run over just one day for convenience. These courses are for your development, so let’s work with your schedule. We’re not going to ask you to turn up for 3 hours each week for 8 weeks on a Wednesday evening after work, we’re going to fast-track your learning experience to ensure that you get out there and practising as quickly as possible.
  • Timing  :  Our courses are run on the weekend. Our courses are a very enjoyable day and it’s nice to spend a day with us out and about. We run them on a weekend so that you are fresh, rested and not joining us after a full day at work. On a weekend you have the time to dedicate to YOU.
  • Instructors  :  Our instructors are fantastic. They are some of the best photographers in the country, but more than this, they are also phenomenal teachers. It is one thing to know how to take great photos, but entirely another to be able to teach someone else. Also – they’re great people. Friendly, easy-going and great at what they do, they give their classes an air of non-competitiveness and always leave their egos at the door.
  • NO Classrooms!  :  Our courses are held in very interesting locations. We believe the best way to learn is to practice, and really, there are only so many ways to make a classroom look interesting behind the lens. Get out there! Join us Downtown, at Heritage Park, Rotary Park, Fort Calgary, the Zoo, or Canmore and learn how to take great photos of great things!
  • Fun & Educational  :  Our classes are great fun. Photography is fun and we have taken a lot of time to design a course that is both fun AND educational.
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