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Why Choose Learn Photography Canada?

Are you wondering why choose LPC over other photography courses? Well, we’re like that super awesome aunt that always brought you candy as a kid or that fresh pot of coffee on a long Monday morning. We give you the opportunity to enhance your photography skills in a friendly, exciting environment. We’re always going to be right beside you during your photographic journey, answering your questions, your phone calls, your emails, etc! Learn photography is about more than just the technicalities – knowing the terms and the buttons – it’s a complete package of tools, knowledge, and most importantly, experience. We know this comes with time, and we are there to support you as you learn and grow your own unique photographic style. Become part of our family today!


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1. Our unique hands-on teaching approach

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Our Unique Hands-On Teaching Approach:

You wouldn’t learn to drive a manual car by reading a book and you certainly wouldn’t learn to ride a bike by sitting in a classroom. At Learn Photography Canada, our philosophy has always been “hands-on, interactive learning”. Why? Because our customers are our number one priority!

Our hands-on teaching means that YOU can get comfortable with your camera. You will leave with the confidence to capture pictures in a huge variety of conditions, and you will learn to love the art of photography. We also hold our classes in places where you are inspired to actually take photos (not in a classroom!) and then we show you exactly how to take them so you can repeat these skills wherever your life takes you.

Classrooms are boring – we’re not in high school anymore – and you are doing this for enjoyment as much as education. We’ve put our years of photography experience and lots of hard work into developing a truly unique and interactive style of teaching that’s above all fun for you!


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“I was thrilled to receive Learn Photography Canada’s Digital Photography I course as a birthday present. The hands-on course was SO practical! To learn how to use your camera by actively using your camera seems so obvious, but their approach to this really works!

Having the students learn to use the camera by taking photos that we would normally want to take, but using our cameras correctly, made the information relevant and really click! The instructor James kept the information so easy to understand and follow!” 


2. It’s More Than Just A Course

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Our Courses are Incredible Value:

If you’re pondering over the prices of our courses, let us be the first to tell you that we know they are more expensive than the average photography course, but that’s because we’re anything BUT average. We’re the most diverse and successful. We include everything during the course including – admission to course locations, a gourmet lunch, small class sizes, comprehensive course notes, and incredible instructors.

It goes beyond this though, we provide so much more than just hours of instruction during your class. We provide at least one incredible FREE alumni course each month that covers a different topic in a different location. There is no limit to the number of these you take, so your photography journey never has to end! In addition we provide the very best post-course support and are always there to answer your questions.

We pride ourselves in having the highest quality photography courses across Canada. Don’t believe us? Ask any of our amazing Alumni students or check out our student testimonials below! The reason we KNOW that we’re awesome is because our students tell us directly.


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“Learn Photography Canada’s approach is truly unique. By learning about technology and techniques as we took pictures I was able to see the results, get feedback from the instructors and immediately become a better photographer.

The experience was all around great; from the locations we went to, to the quality of the instructors (they know pretty much every camera model out there and how to get the most out of it). Great value for my time and the money spent on the course!”


3. No classrooms – only amazing locations

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Amazing & Interesting Locations (no Classrooms!)

Our locations specifically chosen to inspire you during your photography class. True to the word, they are city icons and a regular stop for tourists and locals alike. Our philosophy is to choose stunning locations in each town to simulate you being a tourist in your own town!

The result is many beautiful photographs out of the city icon that you can take home and be proud of. The funny thing is that to many of our students (and perhaps even you!), this may be the first time visiting an iconic location in your home town of Calgary!

Unleash your creativity in a supportive and encouraging environment with the support of your fellow classmates and instructors.

Our locations include fantastic places such as Heritage Park, Calgary Zoo, Downtown Calgary, Banff, Canmore etc!


See more of our fantastic locations here



“You will be taking better photos within the first hour! A well organized hands-on method of learning guided by knowledgeable, helpful and personable instructors. Great course locations and various dates offered to simplify scheduling. The relaxed approach will put even the self-conscious beginner at ease.”


4. Flexible & convenient

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Flexible Schedules & Convenient Course Times:

A key part of our teaching philosophy is making sure that our classes are conducted as convenient times. We understand that (strangely enough) you have important things to get back to: family, children, work, hobbies, whatever your vice is. Our classes are almost always on weekends over ONE day.

You might now be asking yourself, “but your classes only run for 6 or 7 hours where others run for 8 or even 12! Aren’t they getting more?”. The answer is simple – no. Imagine you are joining a course over 3 or 4 sessions of 3 hours each. For each session you’re spending time getting settled, doing a revision of last sessions topics catching up on your “progress” over the week and then finally discussing what you’re covering the next week. So you’ve wasted almost an hour of this session just getting “settled”.

Also you’ll be in a classroom, because most interesting venues are not open in the evening – Heritage Park closes at 4pm, as does the Zoo (well – 6pm in summer). Our courses are designed with very purposeful flow and this can only be achieved during the course of a day.


Learn more about our courses here



“Great instructors that make it fun to learn. Actually empowered me to turn my camera to manual a few times this week.”


5. Customer Service Excellence

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Outstanding Customer Service:

Here at Learn Photography Canada we pride ourselves on having the very best customer service. Our company was named as one of only FIVE finalists in the Customer Service Excellence category at the Calgary Small Business Awards (out of over 1000 applicants), and the reason is that we are always available for our students.

From the moment you contact us we are available to answer your questions about anything that you have learnt in the courses. From a simple revision, to a detailed answer on something more advanced, our owners, staff & instructors are always available to help.

We don’t just leave you to figure it all out on your own, and we recognize that this learning process is a journey – one that continues long after our class is complete. It’s not just one day, it’s nearly unlimited. We’re always available, and you have access to incredible content long after your class is complete.


Learn more about our courses here



“Great course and instructions (Digital 1). Hands on for me is the best way to learn. One step at a time and practice each new step before moving to the next. I did not feel rushed through any part of the day. Looking forward to Digital 2 course. Thank you!!”


6. Very best Alumni Program

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Incredible Alumni Support:

Our alumni are AWESOME! All of our students are invited to join our LPC Aperture Alumni Club. This Facebook group is a place to to share your photos and ask your questions in a very inviting, and non-intimidating environment.

We organize phenomenal FREE Alumni events where we teach you even more incredible skills & techniques – and we don’t charge you for our time. It’s a place where our LPC community can come together and share our creative takes on photography & the world around us. Each month we will meet at a different location for a different event and cover a different photographic topic.

We give you HOURS of additional sessions, support & feedback. Check out some of our students’ work – taken either on course or once they get a chance to put their new found skills and creativity to good use.


See our course dates here



“If you are looking for classes to improve a good photography base or even if you’re starting from scratch then this company is a great place to start. They will help you decide what class/es are best for you. You will quickly become addicted to learning more.”


7. NEW! Digital I ONLINE

why choose lpc online courses

NEW Online Courses! 

We’re taking our Digital I Photography Course ONLINE! Why? So that we have even MORE value to give to you – our students. We believe in the ongoing power of education. We know we’re not there, in person with you ALL of the time, so we’re working on ways to help you continue your learning for life.

Our online resource is not just a direct recording of our Digital I course, but is a complete course in and of itself. We include footage from our courses, in-home exercises, and ongoing photography videos that will give you even more tips & tricks to enhance your photography.

Starting in January, all of our students receive 2 months of free access to our Digital I Online course. This is our Digital I course repeated in it’s entirety, with hours of additional information and exercises guided in the LPC teaching style to help you reach your full potential BEFORE you take your next course in person with us.


See our in-person course dates here



“I took the Digital I course back in February. The instructors were very nice and knowledgeable. I learned the basic in-and-outs of my camera and a lot of interesting techniques to improve the quality of my photographs. I have already suggested my friends take this course and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to get into photography!”


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