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*New* YYC Team Building

Everything you love about LPC – only this time, we’re bringing it to your business! Combining our passion for photography and our classic hands-on teaching style, we created YYC Team Building with your business in mind. There is no shortage of team building activities, and some of them are fun – but many are incredibly boringMaybe running around on the grass chasing lawn flamingos is fun to some people, but we’ve got other ideas up our sleeves…




We offer companies the ultimate in flexibility. We can set up sessions from 3 hours to whole days, in various locations, with or without lunch or drinks or dinner. Get in touch with us and we’ll discuss your ideas and the options we can provide!


Each of our sessions is specially designed to improve cohesiveness, collaboration & team dynamics. Regardless of the package you pick, your team will leave feeling renewed and refreshed and with a new-found passion and energy.


Our team building sessions are fun! They’re different, based in creativity, and designed to get you out of the office and into something fun. Each option is carefully crafted to ensure that not only are you enjoying your time, but you’re also achieving something meaningful.


Regardless of how many team building sessions your team has done, there is always something new to discover. Team dynamics is a complex phenomenon that is ever-changing and continually presenting new challenges. Let us help you navigate your way back to team cohesion time and time again.

Learn more about our amazing team building options here!


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