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Are you wanting to capture memories that can last forever, but not sure how? At Learn Photography Canada, we can help you. Whether you’re looking to try something new or have an urge to sharpen your photography skills, we have a course suitable for your needs. We offer a variety of courses designed for different experience levels: Digital I, Digital II, People, Night and Lightroom. Let us help you see the beauty in every day, live in the present and express yourself.



Learn Photography Canada has a philosophy that students learn best when they practice and take pictures! There is no better inspiration to take pictures on location than a beautiful location itself! That’s why all our photography class locations are specially scouted out and take place at iconic locations such as Heritage Park, Downtown Calgary and Canmore. Ditch the classroom and get shooting in real world situations. Come for the photography class, stay for the amazing surroundings and leave with iconic and fantastic photographs.

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Hands-on photography is at the heart of what Learn Photography Canada does! We have the most hands-on photography classes in Canada and we’ve designed all our classes to be super interactive with lots and lots of practice for our photography students. Think of it like a photography class bootcamp without the physical exertion (and yelling). We know that practice does mean perfection, and our photography class students get oodles of practice throughout the day. We’re confident that our students are comfortable with photography and handling their camera at the end of the day. Hands-on and FUN photography classes – it’s what Learn Photography Canada does!


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We believe there is a creative side to everyone. Not only is it good for your brain, but unleashing your creativity is a great way to improve your confidence and enhance your sense of self worth. Photography is one of the most easily accessible forms of self expression and we truly believe there is a creative side to everyone! Let us take you on a journey to explore your “eye” and teach you how to capture the beauty you see in the world around you.

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We hire our photography instructors based on their talents and ability to translate their photography knowledge into simple tips for our clients!  Each instructor goes through a battery of rigorous training exercises before being certified to teach our students, and represent the best of Learn Photography Canada!  The talent of Michaelangelo, the patience of a saint and the communication skills of a winning coach; our instructors can do it all.

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IMG_9468We are exceptionally proud of our Alumni. Take Patty, for example. Patty is a Marketing Assistant / Relationship manager for the Financial Sector here in Calgary. Patty’s photographic journey started out on a iPhone – as many of ours do. After purchasing a new camera for an upcoming trip to Morocco, Patty quickly realized that she may not be getting full value out of her purchase. Sound familiar? Not wanting to invest too much money upfront, Patty initially enrolled in our Digital I photography Course. She had so much fun that she quickly signed up for all 5 courses, as well as our Winter Wonderscapes Landscape course – and is regularly asking us for more!

Here is what Patty has to say about our courses:

“When I first began searching for a course to take to help me navigate the scary waters of this new purchase, what really appealed to me being an active and very busy mom, was the fact that I could take a course in just one day.  I didn’t have to sign up for a session that was one night a week for many weeks in a row.  I also loved being outdoors and learning about all kinds of weather conditions and lighting challenges.”

Thanks Patty – you have been an inspiration to all of us here and it is people like you that keep us going!

Check out more of Patty’s work and some of our other incredible Alumni.

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You’ve done your research. You’re pretty sure we’re the best out there (we are sure of this!), and you’re very excited to become the best photographer you can be. Why not consider a package? By taking two or more of our courses together you will receive great savings! If you choose to take our Ultimate Package you will even receive a Companion Ticket to our Digital I course – so you can bring a friend for free.

With savings of up to 20% you can’t go wrong. Check out what our Packages can offer you.

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Have an upcoming course with us?  Check out our oh-so-very-handy tips here about how you can best prepare and what to expect.  We look forward to seeing you at our photography class soon.

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Give the gift of photography!  These electronic vouchers make a perfect gift for that special budding photographer.  Choose denominations of $25, $50, $100 or any of our photography courses or packages.

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