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Lightroom is one of the world’s best organizing and photo editing programs. However, it’s often not the most intuitive program to use… Here are 3 tips today to help you get more out of your Lightroom program.

1. It’s really important to understand how Lightroom works. The interaction between the Lightroom Catalogue and the physical files is very important and if you know how it works, you’ll know how to ensure you never lose a photo again! See below for our little diagram.

2. When importing photos to Lightroom, you should always check your “To” destination. This helps to ensure that all of your photo files (see the diagram above) are going to the same location. When you open the import box, the headings at the top will show you where you are importing them too. Always make sure this is the same location each time. See below for our little diagram.

3. This one is really simple, but very easy to forget! Whenever you want to go back to a “Grid” view in Lightroom, just press the letter G on your keypad and it will get you there. Or if you want to view your photos in “Full Screen” press the letter F!

Like everything else though, the more you use Lightroom, the better you’ll get at it! Don’t forget that we offer Private Tuition sessions to help you with everything Lightroom related – if you’re missing files, if you’re wondering how to set up Lightroom on multiple devices, or if you just want to sit down one-on-one for a while, we can help! Contact us today.

Happy Editing!


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