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Shopping around? Let us help you out. Here are just three (and there are lots!) of reasons that set Learn Photography Canada apart from our competitors:


  1. Our locations are the best. We are the only courses that are held in really interesting locations like Heritage Park, the Calgary Zoo, The Alberta Legislature, the National Gallery etc etc. We use different locations for almost all of our courses so you have great subjects to photograph every single time you take a course with us. Every. Single. Time. What better way to learn than to be taking photos of things that are actually interesting. Time to ditch the classrooms (seriously, we’re adults).

  1. We have this mastered. We’ve taught over 1500 students in the past 5 years and we’re thrilled with the results our students are seeing. We can help you to truly understand what is going on with your camera because we’ve invested the time and energy to figure out exactly what to teach and how to teach it. We’re really good at what we do – our system works and you WILL see results.

  1. Our one day format is brilliant. When you compare our courses to others on hours, we don’t win – and we know this. We’re also ok with this because you will be experiencing the most hands-on, interactive, feedback friendly course of your life. Photography is very experiential, and after a day of photography with us you will be both thrilled and exhausted. In just 6 hours with us we’ll have you shooting as well as after 12 hours with our competitors – because we’re NOT just talking at you, we’re showing you – and you’re DOING it! You WILL retain more information by practicing what you learn and with the instant assistance and feedback from our talented instructors you will have your questions answered when they most need to be.



So try us out – you won’t be disappointed!


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