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Photography is such a wonderful hobby to have. It’s incredible for creativity and for stretching your imagination to see the world in a new way. The best part? It’s incredibly accessible – for ALL ages!

Here are a few tips to get your kids into photography and help them discover the joy of creating beautiful images:

  1. Kids are naturally curious – give them the chance to look through your viewfinder every now and then to see what you’re creating! Worried about your camera being damaged/dropped? Put it on a tripod first – this way your camera is stable, and your kids can look with abandon!
  2. Introduce them to your phone camera – your phone camera is a great place for kids to start. All they have to do is press a button, and bam! they have a photo. Show them a few things – like the rule of thirds, how to under/over expose and walk them through what you would take a photo of (if you were to take one).
  3. Someone else’s ideas are always best – depending on the age of your kids you might be suffering from the “what would YOU know?” stage. Try giving them ideas under the guise of someone else. So for instance, try saying “Jana the Instructor from my photography class says I should look for contrast situations to capture awesome light – I can’t seem to find any, can you help?” instead of “I think you should…”. Hopefully, (these strategies are never perfect) they think it’s their own idea and not yours!
  4. Relax and let them play – You’re shooting digital – it can be deleted ;).
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