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What Our Students Are Saying

Tim Paddock

Just wanted to say “ THANK YOU” for such a great day yesterday  at Vernon…..  I got so much out of that course…..Fantastic….  I really learned a lot about the depth of field….. and framing your shot…..   Things we previously talked about…..but good to re enforce, and to practice….  Your day was very well organized…..and I just wanted to let you know….I really appreciated your class


Sarah Breti

Thank you for the class.  It was really enjoyable.  You are both so nice and great teachers.  My photos have improved so much since taking the class and I’m really falling in love with photography.


Karen Haggblad – Kelowna

Mary  & Neil, I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge in a very relaxed and fun environment.

I  signed up for the all the sessions that are offered by Learn Photography in April, 2016 and have not regretted a single moment.  I have taken Level 1 and 2 as well as Lightroom, portraits and night photography and with each session only having 2 or 3 students it allowed for more one on one instruction if there was anything that I struggled with.  I now have a better understanding and some confidence in using my camera with my settings and not depending so much on the auto settings.  With your instruction I can now use Lightroom to clean up my photos.

My skills are still a work in progress, but with the confidence you have given me, I know it will get easier.  I am looking forward to the remaining sessions.


Tim Paddock – West Kelowna

What a great day Sunday was…..  I, once gain came out….feeling a lot better about taking pictures….Way to go….you 2….!!   That was great to wander around….and shoot, shoot..shoot…


Rob Bruce – Kelowna

Hi Neil and Mary;

Thank you for an excellent day today. We had a blast.


Tim Paddock – West Kelowna

Just a fast Hello, and Thank-You, for teaching me today……you obviously….both have a fantastic grasp of pictures and picture taking …!!!

I learned a ton of stuff today…..I’m feeling a lot more confident about playing with the menu, and trying different avenues…..  It’s exciting to come out with way more knowledge, then I went there with……


Diana Anderson – Kelowna

Thank you for a wonderful day of learning. It was fabulous to get to know how my camera works and to learn some principles of photography.  I’ve been using my camera at the office and experimenting and have taken some great shots that I will get onto our new website.

Thanks again for a very informative day, it was fabulous.  I feel so inspired to continue on this journey.  I’ll be in touch for future classes.


Mandy Hicks – Lake Country

I can’t say enough good things about the Learn Photography Kelowna Camera courses.  I have now completed 4 out of the 5 classes and I have learnt so much!  I am way more comfortable with my camera.  I have mastered the basics of aperture, ISO and shutter speeds:  concepts that used to just frustrate me to no end.

I have invited my neighbours and friends to participate in some of the classes with me and they have all had tons of compliments on the classes.  In addition to the mechanics of the camera the classes have covered composition and many other photography tips.  If you want to learn more about photography in general, your camera specifically, or, just how to take great photos; I encourage you to enroll in the Learn Photography Kelowna classes.  You will not be disappointed!


Tabetha Kabel

Since taking Digital I with you guys I have taken my photography to a whole new level and now have opened my own real estate photography business can’t thank you guys enough for your knowledge and skill!


Tim Paddock

Wonderful start to the week. I have to tell you how much I enjoyed the Saturday night Class you both put on; a wonderful event! I learned LOTS and LOTS, it’s fun to look back at the pictures, and review. Great fun.

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