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Okanagan Photography Courses


Digital I


Are you taking photographs with your camera set to” Auto”? Then Digital I is the course for you! Instead of letting your camera make all the decisions our goal in Digital I is to put you in the driver’s seat. You determine which camera settings to use and you understand why you are making those decisions. Our one day course covers the following:

  • Learning what all the knobs and wheels on your camera do and then using them.
  • Learn, then practice using shutter priority, aperture priority, and manual modes. Then you choose which t you prefer.
  • We also cover focus points, white balance, and depth of field (a most useful tool for creative photography and photographing people).
  • We discuss the different lenses available and when it’s an advantage to use one over the other.
  • There’s more! We discuss and practice several composition techniques used by professional photographer.

In one day you’ll learn how amazing your camera is, and how to use it to create photographs you’ll be proud of.  We guarantee you’ll finish the day feeling confident and eager to spend more time with your camera.  Join us for this fun-filled one day session that will move your photographs from “ho hum” to “Wow”.

Course Fee:  $189

Courses are from 9am – 4pm.  We start and end at the same location

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Digital II


Freeman Patterson, ( a world renowned Canadian photographer, said, “Photography is writing with light”.  In our Digital II course you will learn about the nuances of lighting, more about your camera, and additional composition techniques.

In detail, the course includes the following:.

  • Direction of light and how it affects your photography. We cover front lighting, side lighting, and back lighting, contrast lighting and flash.
  • Light metering is done by your camera. You will learn about the different choices matrix, evaluative, spot and center weighted metering.  Learn which one to choose and under what circumstances.
  • Learn about the exposure compensation button and how to use it to create some awesome photographs
  • We discuss and practice some new composition techniques

Digital II will take you from being a “picture taker” to a creative artist. You won’t be disappointed!

Course fee:  $189

Courses are from 9am – 4pm.  We start and end at the same location

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Would you like to take awesome photographs of your family, friends or pet?   It’s wonderful to have these memories and it’s even better when your photos show people at their best. Snap shots from your smart phone are okay, but our people photography course will show you how to take your photos to a whole new level, ensuring your subjects look fantastic.

Our one day course includes:

  • Making your subject(s) comfortable
  • Body positioning
  • Posing – women, men, couples, groups, children, pets
  • Working with continuous focus and continuous shutter mode
  • The three D’s – details, distortion and depth of field
  • Lighting – front, back and overhead lighting
  • Travel and People photography
  • Composition
  • Using reflectors and flash, both on and off camera

You will need a digital SLR camera and if you have an off camera flash please bring it.

If you’ve been frustrated with photos of your friends where their faces are too dark to see, or they appear distorted, or they look uncomfortable, this is your course. Maybe you’ve taken a photograph of your child that you love, but you have no idea how you achieved it.  We can help. When you look at your family photos taken after our People Course, you’ll be amazed and delighted. And so will your family and friends. Your dog or cat probably won’t care!  One day can really make a huge difference.

Course fee: $189

Courses are from 9am – 4pm.  We start and end at the same location

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With the advent of digital SLR’s, the night has become a veritable feast of photographic opportunities.  Subjects range from night skies, the moon and stars, city lights, car light trails, star trails, northern lights, fireworks, physiograms and creative “light painting”. If this is an area that you’ve tried and had limited to poor success, this is the course for you.  Or maybe you haven’t tried night photography but would like to. Our Night Photography course offers a great opportunity to have fun and learn some cool techniques.

In one night, the course covers:

  • Long exposures, cityscapes, and car light trails.
  • How to use the camera’s bulb setting, the importance of a remote shutter release, and the best time to do cityscapes.
  • Light painting and writing
  • Physiograms – A physiogram is a single long exposure of a flashlight spinning around on a string above your camera. This creates some very unique, interesting photographs. (See photo on the left)
  • Photographing the moon and stars, including star trails – if we have a clear sky.

You will need a tripod, remote shutter release and a digital SLR camera.

Join us for a fun, very creative night.

Courses are from 4 PM – 11 PM.  We start and end at the same location

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Adobe Lightroom


Do you have a way to organize your photographs so you can find a particular photograph within a few minutes?  Do you have a software program that allows you to easily edit your photographs?

When you first start taking photographs, you may think you don’t need cataloging and editing for your work. As your photographs start to clog your computer and you want to make some editing changes, you will start to look for a software program that can help.  The choices are overwhelming.

Adobe Lightroom is a software program specifically written for photographers and used by many professional photographers and yet is the best software for beginners.  We’ll show you why and how.

Our one day program covers:

  • Importing your photographs into Lightroom
  • Learning the Library Module
  • Using ratings to organize and quickly retrieve your photographs
  • Keywording your photographs
  • Using the map function to associate your photos with a place on the map.
  • Working with the Develop Module to edit your photographs

Lightroom is a powerful, yet simple program used by beginner and professional photographers. Let us help you get comfortable using this valuable tool.

You will need a laptop computer with accessories to plug it in, and Adobe Lightroom on your computer (start with the 30 day trial version if you don’t already own it).

Course fee:  $189

Courses are from 9am – 4pm.  We start and end at the same location

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Close Up Photography


Would you like to experience an intriguing world of photography? Try our close up (macro) photography course. In our Macro course, we delve into the inner world of flowers, weeds, leaves, insects and water from a unique and exciting perspective. There’s a reason macro photography is one of the most popular forms of photography. It can be done anywhere, its fun and rewarding. All you need is a camera, tripod and macro lens. Join us! You’ll get as hooked as we are. If you’re already passionate, let us take you to the next level.

Our macro course covers the following:

  • Aperture settings
  • Depth of field
  • Using a macro lenses
  • Other macro equipment
  • Lighting
  • Composition techniques
  • Specialty techniques such as vignetting, image overlays, using water misters, and reflectors.
  • Creating abstract images Take our macro photography course and explore an intriguing new world. You’ll be glad you did.

Course fee: $189

Courses are from 9am – 4pm.  We start and end at the same location

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Team Building Courses


The goal of our team building courses is to take employees out of the office and have fun doing photography exercises which empower individuals, improve communication skills and staff bonding. We have developed our courses to improve interpersonal relations and social interactions where every team member feels valued.

The beauty of using photography for team building is there is no correct answer; it’s an art form depending on individual interpretation. Everyone wins! Everyone learns more about taking great photos. It’s also a great outdoor activity in a non-threatening cooperative environment.

Photography Scavenger Hunt

We meet at a mutually agreed upon location. Your employees are split into 3 or 4 groups, depending on the total number of people participating. Each group is given the same 18 challenges for taking photographs. Each challenge works with a photography concept. For example rule of thirds. Participants go out and do the first 9 challenges with everyone taking photos. After an hour they return to base and each group picks out their best 3 photographs. We show them to everyone and each team discusses why they chose their photos. We repeat this for the next 9 challenges.

We are there to assist with photography questions, and provide photography tips. We also facilitate showing the photos on a screen at the end of each hour.

We award a best photo, best group overall and most unique photograph.

Participants can use any camera they have – digital SLR, point and shoot, even their cell phone or a tablet.

If you’ve been looking for a very unique team building event that really does develop communication skills, self-confidence and a sense of camaraderie, there really is no better choice than our photography team building courses.

Team Building Course Fee: $49 per person, minimum 8 people.


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