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What’s Different About Our Photography Classes?

For the large majority of people, the best way to remember and learn new things is to do them.  How often have you taken a classroom course, written copious notes, and filed the notes away never to look at them again?  Within a week you remember very little about the course.

Maybe you’ve tried to learn from a You Tube video, but the video instructor is using a different camera and you can’t figure out where that particular setting is on your camera or how to change it. Or he/she moves along at break neck speed and you can’t keep up.  Soon you’re looking frustratingly at your camera, you shut off the You Tube and go back to “auto setting” on your camera.

We work with you and your camera.  Our classes are limited to 4 people, so you receive plenty of one-on-one time with our instructors.  We go at your pace. You won’t go home with any unanswered questions.  But you will go home with tons of confidence in your ability to use your camera and lots of ideas on how to improve your photographs.

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