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Are you wanting to capture memories that can last forever, but not sure how? At Learn Photography Canada, we can help you. Whether you’re looking to try something new or have an urge to sharpen your photography skills, we have a course suitable for your needs. We offer a variety of courses designed for different experience levels: Digital I, Digital II, People, Night and Lightroom. Let us help you see the beauty in every day, live in the present and express yourself.

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Hands-on course isn’t just some cheesy tagline that we put together – it’s at the heart of the design of all our classes!  On any one of our photography classes you can stop in and we bet that you’ll see our students walking around practicing what is taught by their amazing instructors.  After every single topic that is taught, students are always given some time to make sure that they can master the skill.  Throughout the day hundreds of photographs are taken.  The result?  Better pictures and more comfort with the camera.

Hands-on photography courses?  It’s in everything we do at Learn Photography Canada.

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Weekly lessons are for the dogs, the dogs who are learning to catch a frisbee.  We know that you’re busy and have things to do.  That’s why all our classes are super condensed and either over one weekend day or two weekday evenings.  We design our classes to pack in the information so that you can get in and out as quickly as possible without sacrificing learning or the quality of instruction.

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We feel that students are most inspired to practice when they have an amazing backdrop to photograph.  That’s why all our classes in Edmonton take place at amazing and iconic locations around the city.  Say goodbye to regular classrooms and say hello to Fort Edmonton, the Alberta Legislature and the Alberta Aviation Museum; all fantastic and inspiring backdrops.  Learn about photography at our course, and leave with enviable photographs of an amazing scene.

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We like to think of our instructors as the superheroes of photography.  Saving one victim at a time from photographic mediocrity.  Whether that’s stretching the truth a bit (we’re looking at getting them capes), we do hire our photography instructors based on ability, passion and their ability to communicate.  We know that every photography school has a photography instructor, but none of them are like the ones that we have.

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Team building that actually teaches colleagues how to communicate?  That’s Learn Photography Canada team building!  We take our basic photography courses and customize them towards being a catalyst for communication for your workmates.  One of our favourite team building events that we specialize in, is teaching you to take amazing head shots of your your coworkers.  Everybody is involved for this activity and the lines of communication truly open up.

Your bonus is you keep the headshot after the activity.  Learn Photography Canada team building – amazing, fantastic and inspiring.

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Have an upcoming course with us?  Check out our oh-so-very-handy tips here about how you can best prepare and what to expect.  We look forward to seeing you at our photography class soon.

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Give the gift of photography!  These electronic vouchers make a perfect gift for that special budding photographer.  Choose denominations of $25, $50, $100 or any of our photography courses or packages.

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