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As a photographer, you surely recognize the spontaneity of the search for the ‘perfect shot’. Even if you aren’t searching for that ‘shot of a lifetime’, you never know when the inspiration or lighting will hit in such a way that commands a photo to be taken.

In this case, it would be a shame not to have your camera at your side. Many people don’t bring their cameras with them all the time because of a few reasons. First, they are expensive pieces of equipment. A strenuous hike might not seem like the right occasion to put your camera in physical danger.

Second, you might not think that your activity will provide for any ‘photo worthy’ moments. In fact, you can never predict when you will feel inspired to capture your experience. Additionally, always planning your photography time can actually limit your potential and cause you to miss out on valuable learning experiences.

Here are five great reasons why you should always take your camera with you wherever you go:

Repetition is the Key to Improvement

Obviously, the more photos you take, the better you will become at taking quality photos. There is a common rule that says it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at your craft. In this case, you might take 10,000 bad photos before finally taking a good one.

Especially in the age of digital photography, many of your photos will simply be chalked up to a waste. That is why it is important to maximize the number of photos that you taken, overall, by constantly keeping your camera on you at all times.

Change your Viewpoint

Looking at the world through your camera lens will change your perspective on the things around you. Your camera can open you up to seeing so much more. In fact, some experienced photographers claim that they almost feel a heightened sense of sight when viewing the world through their camera lens.

As you grow as a photographer, you will walk the streets and see so many more opportunities for creative and impressionable photos. Over time, photographers come to see differently. Bringing your camera with you everywhere will help you refine your vision.

‘Capture the Unusual’

Sometimes, weird things simply happen around us. You can’t help it and you can’t predict it but, if you have your camera with you, you can surely capture it.

Many of us have experienced that feeling of uneasiness when we witness an unusual or amazing moment, but are unable to capture it. Keeping your camera with you everywhere you go will help you remain prepared to capture life’s amazing, unexpected moments.

Move Past ‘Auto Mode’

As a beginning photographer, you will most likely start out by relying extensively on what we call ‘auto mode’. As you become more experienced, you will realize that ‘auto mode’ isn’t helping you maximize the quality of your photos.

As you grow more and more frustrated with ‘auto mode’, have faith. Ridding yourself of a reliance on ‘auto mode’ is a good thing. As you bring your camera everywhere, and take more and more photos, you will start to become comfortable with the manual adjustments that you can make to optimize the quality of your photos.

Practice makes perfect. The more you keep your camera with you, the more photos you will take, and the more comfortable you will become with all of the intricate functions of your camera. Don’t miss out on that perfect ‘photo-op’! Bring your camera everywhere!

By James Lam

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