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Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you should leave your camera in the closet until it warms up. There’s always wonderful scenery in the Okanagan, no matter what season it is. Here are a few tips to make your winter photography more enjoyable.

  1. The first point is really a no brainer—dress warmly. If you’re uncomfortable – whether too hot or too cold—you won’t be fully focused (pun intended!) on making photos. Wear a warm hat.  Wear dry warm boots.  Take gloves.  I actually take two pairs, a thin pair I use when I’m photographing and a heavy pair that fits over the thin pair.
  2. If it’s a bright day (a rare occurrence in the Okanagan), take your sunglasses and give your eyes a break between photo sessions.
  3. Remember, if it’s bright snow you’re photographing, overexpose +1 – +1.7 stops. Otherwise, that bright snow will be a dull grey.
  4. Let your camera get cold before you go outside.  Just like glasses, the camera will fog up when you hit the chilly weather outside, causing condensation to form. Try putting your camera in the fridge for 10 mins just before you head outside. Then it will be ready for the cold temperatures. When you come back in from the cold, again let it warm up before you do anything else with it.  I can assure you after dropping my camera in a creek in September, cameras don’t like moisture.  I now have a new camera!
  5. Take spare batteries with you, cameras use more battery in cold weather. Keep your spare batteries in a warm place such as in a pocket close to your warm body.
  6. If there’s lots of snow and you want to photograph it, watch where you walk so you don’t have to work around footprints.
  7. Sunrise and sunset provide the nicest light for photographing – any season!
  8. If it’s snowing, protect your camera so it doesn’t get wet. I’ve used a tea towel or a plastic bag.
  9. Try to change lenses as little as possible, especially if it’s snowing. If it is snowing, try to find cover before changing your lens.

Get out there and enjoy winter and the beauty it has to offer!

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