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Amazing Instructors

Our amazing instructors are that perfect blend of superhero and photography geek! One thing that all of them share is their innate ability to share their passion with you in a clear, interactive and fun manner. You’ll be glad that they’re on your side for our photography classes.

All of our instructors go through a rigorous training process before they are certified as Learn Photography Canada instructors. We hire only the best and think that you’ll agree.

Bing Fountain

Bing loves getting out and shooting.  Anything and everything.  Landscapes, wildlife, sports, you name it.  Where he goes, so goes the camera.  A REALTOR® for over 30 years, Bing bought his first digital camera in 2001 and never looked back.  Bing loves to travel and “see the beauty, share the beauty” through his lenses.

Helping others “see the beauty, share the beauty” is a passion and it shows in the classes he teaches.  Teaching you how to use your camera is one thing, teaching you how to take great shots is the goal!

  • Main Camera: Canon 7D
  • Favourite Lenses: Canon 100-400 L, Canon 15-85

James Lam

Every so often you will be lucky enough to see James. The original instructor and still director of Learn Photography Canada, James has had a lot to do with the development of the photography course material and our unique hands-on style of learning.James likes to consider himself one of the most educated photographers in the world (except not in photography). James received his Masters of Engineering and MBA at the University of Alberta before galavanting to Sydney, Australia to find his better half. When times got tough at work James came back to Canada to help start Learn Photography Canada.

James has a passion for helping people take better pictures and capture better memories.

  • Main Camera: Nikon D600
  • Favourite Lens: Nikon 50mm f/1.4
Each week we upload a selection of work from our photography students.
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