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Here at Learn Photography Canada we believe everyone should have the opportunity to understand photography and embrace one’s creative side. LPC began in Calgary as a small family-owned company before expanding across the country to bring its unique, hands-on photography courses to individuals across Canada. Whether you want to become a professional photographer, or just be able to take stunning pictures of your family, we want to help you bring your photography skills to that next level. Our classes are structured as a one-day intensive course designed to give our students as much hands-on, interactive experience necessary to become confident in one’s newly developed skills. Rather than sitting in a classroom and being told what each camera setting would do, LPC actually brings its students to incredible locations to have them learn AND practice at the same time. Not only have we had hundreds of students enjoy our classes, many also come back to continue their photography journey! Learn Photography Canada is proud of their students success and would love for you to join the experience.

Why Choose Us?

  • Hands-on! We pride ourselves in running the most interactive photography courses in Canada – don’t sit in a classroom, instead go out and do it.
  • Convenient! Our courses are just one day and always run on the weekend. This means you don’t need to come back multiple times in 2 hour intervals to learn photography – instead come once and leave a pro. We want the experience to be as easy and fun as possible for you.
  • Amazing instructors! Our instructors are phenomenal photographers and genuinely excited to teach their students how to take great photos. Friendly, easy-going, and always there to help – no matter what.
  • No classrooms! We believe the best way to learn photography is by actually doing it so instead of classrooms you will go to many great locations to practice on. Join us at the Alberta Legislature, Fort Edmonton, and also the Alberta Aviation Museum to get hand-on photography experience.
  • Fun and educational! Photography should always be fun and we make sure our classes are designed that way too.


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