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Why did you get a camera in the first place? For most of us, a desire to take some great pictures and capture the moments we would like to remember and keep with us. Whether you have just purchase a new camera and have no idea where to start or you have some experience and would like a refresher on your rig. Learn Photography Canada is the place to come.


With courses on the basics to night photography and even use of editing software, we offer a course for every levels of skill. Come get connect to why you have a camera again with Learn Photography Canada.





If you are anything like me, when you came home with your camera for the first time, you played with the dials and settings and thought “this thing is so cool”. Shortly thereafter I picked up the instruction manual and started reading. None of it made sense and I realized it needs to be something I can try out and see it work. Our courses breakdown the information into digestible pieces and give you an opportunity to go and try it out, ask questions and then go on to the next thing.


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Most people have busy lives, heck you probably bought the camera so you could capture some of the great moments in your busy life and you really don’t need something else to fit into your schedule. Not only that when you leave the classroom, who do you ask questions about what you learned? Learn Photography Canada’s classes are 1 day, giving you an opportunity to schedule it get everything you need and then go take the pictures you always dreamed of and we answer the questions in class while you use your camera.



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Great pictures and great locations go hand and hand, we scour the countryside to find locations to inspire and give opportunities to practice your freshly minted skills. Locations that range from natural to urban and everything in between. Come and see what it is like to take amazing pictures in amazing locations!

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At Learn Photography Canada, we are passionate about photography and it shows with our instructors. Everyone who instructs our students knows their stuff and they are expert communicators. We are committed you leave with the information you are looking for, and it has been delivered in a clear and easy to understand way. Come take a class and you will see our instructors are the companies greatest asset!

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Learn Photography Canada provides some amazing team building experiences! We use photography as the catalyst towards helping your team communicate better.  We feel that our team building exercises are really the best way to help your colleagues to better listen and understand each other.  Centered around working as a team to take the best possible images of a fellow colleague, our team building activities all require the assistance of every single team member to participate, and each member is guaranteed to leave glowing.

Choose our “Capture Your Colleague” headshot team building exercise and receive your best pictures at the end of the session to use anyway you want!  Learn Photography Canada Team Building tours is where smart companies focus their employees.

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Have an upcoming course with us?  Check out our oh-so-very-handy tips here about how you can best prepare and what to expect.  We look forward to seeing you at our photography class soon.

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Give the gift of photography!  These electronic vouchers make a perfect gift for that special budding photographer.  Choose denominations of $25, $50, $100 or any of our photography courses or packages.

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