We feel that students are most inspired to practice when they have an amazing backdrop to photograph. That’s why all of our Courses take place in iconic locations around Ottawa. Whether it’s Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal, any number of Museums and Galleries, our courses take place in locations that are sure to inspire!

Parliament Hill

Possibly one of the most iconic locations in Canada, parliament hill offers endless possibilities for taking wonderful photographs.

Day or Night, when the weather is clear parliament hill is one of our favourite course locations.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica

Inside or Outside, Rain or Shine, Day or Night, it’s hard to find a location that offers more inspiration than the beautiful Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica. With an endless supply of stunning architectural features, numerous statues, stained glass, vaulted ceilings, and wonderfully complex lighting; the cathedral is one of our favourite locations.

Major’s Hill Park

Centrally located, Major’s Hill Park is a fantastic location with an abundance of subjects to photograph no matter what your skill level. Close to lot’s of indoor alternatives Major’s Hill Park offers a fantastic outdoor woodsy photography adventure, but if the weather turns sour we can run indoors in no time flat!

A million more locations!

Ottawa is a busy city with a seemingly endless number of great locations for all of our photography courses. We plan our course locations based on a number of factors, including; weather, events, time of year, etc…
Sometimes we just want to try a new spot, sometimes we pick our location based on a request.
While we can’t control the weather, or the crowds, or even traffic, we do guarantee that every course we offer will take place in a location that will inspire you to take lots of photographs. Also, we make sure that lunch is pretty good…