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Hands On Training

At Learn Photography Canada we provide the most hands-on photography classes in Canada!

We’ve put our years of photography experience and lots of hard work into developing a truly unique and interactive style of teaching that’s above all fun for you.Support LPC

In our opinion, hands-on photography means that you get comfortable with your camera, lenses and other photographic equipment throughout the day. You will leave with the confidence to capture pictures in a huge variety of conditions, and you will learn to love the art of photography. Our classes are so interactive and fun that to many they don’t seem like a class anymore. Throughout our classes we cover a huge assortment of photographic subjects and topics. More importantly, we make sure that you have the adequate time to go out and master the techniques associated with those topics. No rushing to the end here. Blurry backgrounds? No problems – we do that in the first hour. Lenses for landscape, people or sports photography? Covered in detail in even our first course. And what about personal feedback? Our classes are capped at a maximum of 12 students to make sure that our instructors get to know you and there is ample opportunity to ask questions.

Hands-on photography gets you shooting right away with lots of practice. Develop your skills, techniques and unique perspective throughout our interactive courses and leave with confidence. Join us at amazing locations and refine your focus with our hands-on, interactive and fun photography classes.
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Convenient Times

At Learn Photography Canada we want to provide you with the best photography class experience that we can and a key part of that is making sure that our classes are conducted at convenient times. All of our classes are scheduled for when it’s most convenient for our students. For example, most people are super duper busy during the week and we understand that (strangely enough) you have important things to get back to: family and children, work, hobbies, whatever your vice is. Want to sign up for 12 classes at 2 hours each week on some Friday night? No? – get your life back with Learn Photography Canada.

Our classes are almost always on the weekend over one day. Like how we’ve developed our hands-on style of photography classes; we’ve developed our course structure to cover an amazing amount of information in just one day to get you back to what’s important to you. Think of it as a photography course concentrated. All the information but at a quarter the time. Or something like this. Come to the course – you won’t be disappointed.

Each week we upload a selection of work from our photography students.
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