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Excellent Locations

Become a tourist in your own town!

Our locations draw tourists and locals alike and each has been selected so you get the most from your class. Carefully chosen locations like Fort Langley, Cliff Falls, and Maple Ridge Museum stir and excite your creative side during your photography class and our instructors provide the technical training, this allows you to focus on your class and be a tourist in your own town! You have the opportunity to discover newly what your camera can do and in the process capture amazing photographs that you can take home, show your friends and family and be proud of.

Our Locations

BC Farm MuseumFort Langley

Beside the banks of Fraser River lies Fort Langley, with gigantic timber walls and timber buildings standing since the late 1800’s. Using the whole site you experience moving through echo’s of the past while using the techniques you learn for a truly immersive experience. This rich setting allows for amazing pictures while having a uniquely BC trip through the past.

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Courses: Digital 1 & 2

Cliff Falls Park

Cliff Falls

Set beside Kanaka Creek, a short walk from the parking lot, is a pristine woodland. Offering incredible nature pictures, running water and a wide variety of full light and shade areas to hone the skills and techniques our instructors will show you allowing to get hands on and make the most of your camera.

Courses: Digital 1 & 2, Night Photography

Heritage Park

Mapleridge Museum

The unique history of Mapleridge is explored in a new way while taking pictures of the various items ensconced in the various rooms, giving you the opportunity to practice taking close in pictures and sharpening your abilities. A brand new way to see the city and its background or maybe see it for the first time.




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